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Top 10 Home Safety Tips

  • Lock all doors, not just outside facing doors, but also internal doors that lead to and from the basement and the garage.
  • Leave internal and external lights on when you are not home.  Regularly alternate the lights you choose to confuse potential intruders.
  • Keep flashlights, cell phones and objects which can be used as weapons in close proximity to where you sleep (couch, bed, etc.).
  • Close and lock window screens as well as window panes.  It increases the time needed to enter your home and the likelihood of you hearing an intruder.
  • Keep fire extinguishers in the bedroom.  They are of no use if you can’t get to them.  They are also an excellent and legal weapon.
  • When answering the door consider having a potential weapon nearby and pretend to be on the phone or speaking with another person in the house.
  • Have security company signage, whether or not you have a system, displayed on premise.
  • Do not leave the house key in the lock cylinder once you close and lock your door.  It makes it easier for a burglar to break the glass around the door and open it from the inside.
  • Enter and exit the house quickly, particularly at night, with your keys already in your hand.
  • If possible, take garbage out during daylight (dawn or dusk) hours, not when it is dark.  Vary the time you take out the garbage especially if the daylight option is not possible.  Criminals know what day your garbage is picked up and plan accordingly.