About Sensei

Sensei Pete is a 35 year practitioner of the martial arts, holding a 7th degree black belt in his primary art, Go-Ju Ryu Karate Do.

His professional experience includes employment as a Special Agent for the United States Justice and the U.S. Treasury Departments, where he acquired a top-secret security clearance and served as team member and defensive tactics instructor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms’ Special Response Team. Pursuant to his duties as a federal law enforcement officer, he made scores of felony arrests, traveled the country training fellow law enforcement officers, and presented evidence and testified in federal court regarding several high-profile investigations.

Sensei Pete earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and currently works on Wall Street where he has held senior-level positions for top hedge funds, global banks and broker dealers.

Sensei Pete is actively involved in educating others and has drawn upon his professional, academic and martial arts background to design a comprehensive Situational Awareness course, called PREVENT, to provide people from all walks of life the knowledge and awareness that will help avoid and mitigate the potentially dangerous situations occurring in daily life.

To learn more about PREVENT and how it can help you keep those under your care become safer and more situationally aware, please refer to the Situational Awareness tab of this blog or click on the link below.