Situational Awareness

Our physical and mental well-being is not attributable to any one action. Rather, our safety and peace of mind is derivative of the sum total of all the practices in which we engage. It is therefore essential to employ a comprehensive approach to personal defense.

To address this need, Sensei Pete has drawn upon his professional, academic, and martial arts background to design a comprehensive Situational Awareness course, called PREVENT, to provide the knowledge and awareness that will help avoid and mitigate the potentially dangerous situations occurring in daily life.

PREVENT is module-based and can therefore be tailored to the broadest possible audience ranging from middle school to college-ready students, to home makers and business executives. The course provides all participants with the ability to identify and navigate security concerns they will encounter throughout their lives: home, school, workplace, travel, social, commuting etc. Additionally, each course contains mandatory child safety module to ensure parents, teachers and caregivers are properly equipped to address a wide variety of child safety issues.

To learn more about PREVENT and how it can help you keep those under your care become safer and more situationally aware, please click on the link below.