About This Blog

TheKarateSensei.Com was created to share the wisdom and philosophy of the martial arts with all those interested in benefiting from it teachings – non-martial artists and practitioners alike. For centuries, martial art masters have taught select students the self-defense skills needed to protect themselves and their communities. Realizing however, that the first step in building an effective self-defense capability is acquiring greater self and situational awareness, martial arts masters instructed their students on both the physical as well as psychological attributes of the art.

The holistic approach to training allowed the early practitioners to not only develop great physical strength, but also a keen understanding of the dynamics of human interaction, particularly internal and external conflict. Indeed, many a battle was decided based upon one’s ability to understand their opponent’s mindset and behavioral tendencies. Unquestionably, the development of an effective self-defense capability, whether employed in the corporate boardroom or on the battlefield, requires a keen understanding of both oneself and one’s opponent. As the ancient saying states….

If you know yourself and your opponent you will be victorious 100% of the time.
If you know yourself and not your opponent, you will be victorious 50% of the time.
If you know neither yourself nor your opponent you will lose 100% of the time.

This blog will share with you the great body of martial arts knowledge developed and passed down through the generations from master to student. The principles and concepts you will learn represent centuries of martial art wisdom; yours to digest and employ to enhance the quality of your life.